Concours Online Grand Prix Schedule

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Aaron MengUS2014Saturday, Jan. 14th11:45 AM5Grand PrixPiano
Aaron ZhuUS2006Saturday, Jan. 14th3:30 PM1Grand PrixPiano
Abigail DavisUS2011Sunday, Jan. 15th12:00 PM1Junior Grand PrixPiano
Abraham KimUS2006Saturday, Jan. 14th3:30 PM3Grand PrixStrings
Allison PhanUS2011Saturday, Jan. 14th2:10 PM4Grand PrixPiano
Alyssa SnowUS2007Saturday, Jan. 14th11: 00 AM12Grand PrixPiano
Amber KuoUS2010Sunday, Jan. 15th10:30 AM1Junior Grand PrixPiano
Anna HuynhUS2006Saturday, Jan. 14th4:00 PM7Grand PrixPiano
Anna ShungUS2011Saturday, Jan. 14th2:30 PM6Grand PrixStrings
Ayane KitagawaJPCollegiateFriday, Jan. 13th5:00 PM1Grand PrixPiano
杨 关CN2005Friday, Jan. 13th6:40 PM1Grand PrixVocal
悦晴 尹CN2011Saturday, Jan. 14th2:55 PM10Grand PrixStrings
Bella DangUS2008Saturday, Jan. 14th6:00 PM6Grand PrixPiano
Benjamin HoangUS2009Saturday, Jan. 14th5:30PM9Grand PrixPiano
Benjamin Hoang and Victoria VoUS2009Saturday, Jan. 14th5:30PM6Grand PrixPiano
bin parkUSAmateurSunday, Jan. 15th2:15 PM1Junior Grand PrixPiano
Bo-sub KimKRAmateurFriday, Jan. 13th7:15 PM1Grand PrixPiano
Brendon LiuUS2012Sunday, Jan. 15th1:00 PM5Junior Grand PrixPiano
BYUNGSEOK CHOOKR2006Saturday, Jan. 14th4:00 PM8Grand PrixStrings
Callie LuUS2014Sunday, Jan. 15th1:50 PM2Junior Grand PrixPiano
Casey LiSG2009Saturday, Jan. 14th5:00 PM2Grand PrixPiano
Cayla KimUS2011Saturday, Jan. 14th2:30 PM8Grand PrixStrings
chaeyul minKR2009Saturday, Jan. 14th5:00 PM1Grand PrixStrings
Chanyoung SongKR2010Sunday, Jan. 15th10:30 AM6Junior Grand PrixPiano
Chen-Hsi HuangTWAmateurSunday, Jan. 15th2:30 PM8Junior Grand PrixPiano
Chen-Hsin LeeTW2014Friday, Jan. 13th8:00 PM3Grand PrixPiano
Chloe LeeUS2009Saturday, Jan. 14th5:00 PM4Grand PrixPiano
Christine ChungUS2007Saturday, Jan. 14th10:30 AM5Grand PrixWinds
Claire YuanUS2008Saturday, Jan. 14th6:00 PM4Grand PrixStrings
Conan JonesUS2005Sunday, Jan. 15th4:00 PM3Junior Grand PrixPiano
Cristina JinUS2009Sunday, Jan. 15th10:00 AM4Junior Grand PrixStrings
DAAE KIMKR2012Saturday, Jan. 14th3:15 PM3Grand PrixPiano
Dahee KimKRMasterFriday, Jan. 13th4:05PM1Grand PrixPiano
Daniel ParkUS2011Saturday, Jan. 14th2:30 PM9Grand PrixStrings
David ZhaoUS2007Sunday, Jan. 15th11:10 AM2Junior Grand PrixBrass
Elias ValleUS2006Sunday, Jan. 15th3:40 PM2Junior Grand PrixPiano
Ellie KimUS2012Sunday, Jan. 15th1:00 PM2Junior Grand PrixPiano
Elliot ShiwotaUS2005Sunday, Jan. 15th4:00 PM5Junior Grand PrixPiano
Evelyn MonzykUS2009Sunday, Jan. 15th10:00 AM1Junior Grand PrixPiano
Evelyn SuUS2012Sunday, Jan. 15th1:30PM11Junior Grand PrixPiano
Evette UmUS2006Sunday, Jan. 15th3:40 PM4Junior Grand PrixWinds
赵 王召乐CNCollegiateFriday, Jan. 13th5:30 PM8Grand PrixVocal
Franklin ZhuUS2006Saturday, Jan. 14th4:00 PM6Grand PrixPiano
Fu-Lin Damon KoUS2012Saturday, Jan. 14th3:10 PM2Grand PrixStrings
Gawon LeeKR2010Saturday, Jan. 14th4:40 PM3Grand PrixPiano
George NaUS2011Saturday, Jan. 14th2:10 PM3Grand PrixStrings
Grace SongUS2009Saturday, Jan. 14th5:30PM5Grand PrixPiano
Gyujin KyoungKR2004Friday, Jan. 13th4:35 PM2Grand PrixPiano
Hailey MaUS2012Sunday, Jan. 15th1:00 PM6Junior Grand PrixPiano
Hailin ZhouUS2014Sunday, Jan. 15th1:50 PM3Junior Grand PrixStrings
Hanzhang LeiUS2009Saturday, Jan. 14th5:00 PM3Grand PrixPiano
Hayeong YuKRCollegiateSaturday, Jan. 14th9:30 AM13Grand PrixPiano
Hengzhi LiuUSMasterSaturday, Jan. 14th9:00 AM6Grand PrixPiano
Hio Iao WuCN2012Sunday, Jan. 15th1:30PM9Junior Grand PrixPiano
Hiroto IshimotoJP2005Friday, Jan. 13th6:40 PM2Grand PrixPiano
Hyun-jung WooKR2009Sunday, Jan. 15th10:00 AM5Junior Grand PrixPiano
Hyunbin LeeKR2006Sunday, Jan. 15th3:40 PM1Junior Grand PrixBrass
Ian ParkUS2007Saturday, Jan. 14th11: 00 AM16Grand PrixPiano
Ian QIANUS2015Sunday, Jan. 15th2:50 PM1Junior Grand PrixPiano
Ingrid AllenUSAmateurSunday, Jan. 15th2:15 PM2Junior Grand PrixPiano
ISSAC WONUS2009Sunday, Jan. 15th10:00 AM3Junior Grand PrixBrass
Ivy LiuUS2016Sunday, Jan. 15th3:15 PM4Junior Grand PrixPiano
Jacob HongUS2009Sunday, Jan. 15th10:00 AM2Junior Grand PrixPiano
Jaden TanSG2005Friday, Jan. 13th6:40 PM4Grand PrixPiano
Jadon wuUS2006Saturday, Jan. 14th3:30 PM5Grand PrixPiano
Jaemin SongUS2005Saturday, Jan. 14th1:00 PM5Grand PrixStrings
James YiUS2005Sunday, Jan. 15th4:00 PM2Junior Grand PrixBrass
Janice YoonUS2005Sunday, Jan. 15th4:00 PM4Junior Grand PrixWinds
Jason YangUS2011Saturday, Jan. 14th2:10 PM2Grand PrixPiano
Jay-Yun HsuUS2015Sunday, Jan. 15th2:50 PM2Junior Grand PrixPiano
Jeon Hye-wonKR2012Sunday, Jan. 15th1:00 PM7Junior Grand PrixPiano
Jeong Oak YunKRAmateurSunday, Jan. 15th2:30 PM6Junior Grand PrixVocal
Jeongseo WooKR2007Friday, Jan. 13th6:10 PM3Grand PrixPiano
JI HYE PARKKRAmateurFriday, Jan. 13th7:15 PM2Grand PrixPiano
Jihae SongKRProfessionalFriday, Jan. 13th7:30 PM3Grand PrixPiano
Jingxiang ZhangCNCollegiateFriday, Jan. 13th5:30 PM10Grand PrixPiano
Jinu KangUS2012Sunday, Jan. 15th1:00 PM1Junior Grand PrixPiano
Jiyu LeeUS2007Saturday, Jan. 14th10:30 AM7Grand PrixStrings
John VuongUS2014Sunday, Jan. 15th1:50 PM5Junior Grand PrixPiano
Julia SapetaUSCollegiateSaturday, Jan. 14th9:30 AM13Grand PrixVocal
Juliet AlcalayUS2016Sunday, Jan. 15th3:15 PM3Junior Grand PrixPiano
Jundai OkanoJP2005Friday, Jan. 13th6:40 PM3Grand PrixPiano
Junghyun JuUS2007Sunday, Jan. 15th11:10 AM3Junior Grand PrixStrings
Junhyeok ParkKR2007Friday, Jan. 13th6:10 PM4Grand PrixPiano
Juri HandaJP2004Friday, Jan. 13th4:35 PM1Grand PrixPiano
Justin BrewerUS2007Saturday, Jan. 14th11: 00 AM15Grand PrixPiano
Justina ChaUS2007Saturday, Jan. 14th11: 00 AM14Grand PrixPiano
Kailey SuhUS2004Friday, Jan. 13th4:35 PM3Grand PrixStrings
Kanegawa YouheiJP2007Friday, Jan. 13th6:10 PM2Grand PrixPiano
Kayleen ChoiUS2010Sunday, Jan. 15th10:30 AM5Junior Grand PrixPiano
Keilah ParkUS2007Sunday, Jan. 15th11:10 AM4Junior Grand PrixBrass
Kento IshikawaUS2014Saturday, Jan. 14th11:45 AM4Grand PrixPiano
Kilby LiHKProfessionalFriday, Jan. 13th7:30 PM2Grand PrixGuitar & Harp
Kristine LuUS2006Saturday, Jan. 14th3:30 PM2Grand PrixPiano
Laura Adriana Martínez LópezMXCollegiateSaturday, Jan. 14th9:30 AM12Grand PrixPiano
Lee HaeinKRProfessionalFriday, Jan. 13th7:30 PM4Grand PrixVocal
Leyna IshikawaUS2011Saturday, Jan. 14th2:30 PM5Grand PrixPiano
Lien KaiTW2005Sunday, Jan. 15th4:00 PM1Junior Grand PrixPiano
Lin MinTW2008Saturday, Jan. 14th6:00 PM2Grand PrixStrings
Luke LawHK2015Sunday, Jan. 15th3:00 PM5Junior Grand PrixPiano
Madison BecerraUS2007Saturday, Jan. 14th10:30 AM8Grand PrixVocal
Maggie QiUS2015Sunday, Jan. 15th2:50 PM3Junior Grand PrixPiano
Mani AfaghUS2010Sunday, Jan. 15th10:30 AM2Junior Grand PrixGuitar & Harp
Manuel VizurragaUSMasterSaturday, Jan. 14th9:00 AM5Grand PrixPiano
Maria Avril ZhuangSG2014Friday, Jan. 13th8:00 PM2Grand PrixPiano
Maxwell TranUS2009Saturday, Jan. 14th5:30PM7Grand PrixPiano
Min-Seo KimKR2012Sunday, Jan. 15th1:30PM10Junior Grand PrixStrings
Mina ReeUS2007Saturday, Jan. 14th11: 00 AM13Grand PrixPiano
Mingfu HanUSProfessionalSaturday, Jan. 14th1:30 PM5Grand PrixPiano
Moxi ZhuUS2012Saturday, Jan. 14th3:10 PM1Grand PrixPiano
Mozhan AfaghUS2010Sunday, Jan. 15th10:30 AM3Junior Grand PrixPiano
Nadia WangUS2007Saturday, Jan. 14th10:30 AM6Grand PrixPiano
Naomi ChengUS2008Sunday, Jan. 15th11:30 AM1Junior Grand PrixGuitar & Harp
Natalie ChungUS2012Sunday, Jan. 15th1:00 PM4Junior Grand PrixPiano
Natalie KwokUS2006Sunday, Jan. 15th3:40 PM5Junior Grand PrixVocal
Natalie XuUS2010Saturday, Jan. 14th4:40 PM2Grand PrixStrings
Nathan ZhouUS2011Sunday, Jan. 15th12:00 PM2Junior Grand PrixPiano
Nicholas WuUS2014Sunday, Jan. 15th1:50 PM1Junior Grand PrixPiano
Oliver KuanUS2014Sunday, Jan. 15th1:50 PM4Junior Grand PrixPiano
Rachael Vu and Jennifer VuUS2006Saturday, Jan. 14th3:30 PM9Grand PrixPiano
Ray XuCNProfessionalFriday, Jan. 13th7:30 PM1Grand PrixStrings
Riku ItamasuJPCollegiateFriday, Jan. 13th5:00 PM2Grand PrixPiano
Rinka WatanabeJPCollegiateFriday, Jan. 13th5:00 PM3Grand PrixPiano
Rion SuedaJPCollegiateFriday, Jan. 13th5:00 PM4Grand PrixPiano
Ryan LiuUS2012Sunday, Jan. 15th1:00 PM3Junior Grand PrixPiano
Ryuto HibinoDEMasterSaturday, Jan. 14th9:00 AM4Grand PrixBrass
Sang me ChoiKRAmateurSunday, Jan. 15th2:30 PM7Junior Grand PrixWinds
Seojin ParkUS2010Sunday, Jan. 15th10:30 AM4Junior Grand PrixPiano
Shalynn ChoiUS2010Saturday, Jan. 14th4:40 PM1Grand PrixPiano
Shin Ji HwanKRCollegiateFriday, Jan. 13th5:30 PM6Grand PrixPiano
Sia JeonFRCollegiateSaturday, Jan. 14th9:30 AM11Grand PrixVocal
sihyun parkKR2011Saturday, Jan. 14th3:00 PM11Grand PrixPiano
Sio Ioi ChengHK2014Friday, Jan. 13th8:00 PM1Grand PrixPiano
Song Ye-ryeongKR2013Sunday, Jan. 15th11:40 AM3Junior Grand PrixPiano
Soo-jung KimKR2010Sunday, Jan. 15th10:30 AM7Junior Grand PrixPiano
Sophie LeeUS2007Sunday, Jan. 15th11:10 AM5Junior Grand PrixPiano
Stephanie PerezUSProfessionalSaturday, Jan. 14th1:30 PM8Grand PrixVocal
Sungmin GohKRMasterFriday, Jan. 13th4:05PM3Grand PrixVocal
Svend LykkegaardUSProfessionalSaturday, Jan. 14th1:30 PM7Grand PrixBrass
Taegyu AnKRMasterFriday, Jan. 13th4:05PM2Grand PrixPiano
Tang Chih ChunTW2004Sunday, Jan. 15th4:30 PM1Junior Grand PrixPiano
Tian Yu Tammy YeUS2009Saturday, Jan. 14th5:30PM8Grand PrixPiano
Trang Linh LeUS2007Saturday, Jan. 14th11: 00 AM11Grand PrixPiano
Travis LuuUS2005Saturday, Jan. 14th1:00 PM7Grand PrixPiano
Trevin ChingUS2013Sunday, Jan. 15th11:40 AM2Junior Grand PrixPiano
TU NGUYENUSAmateurSunday, Jan. 15th2:15 PM5Junior Grand PrixPiano
Victoria ShungUS2011Saturday, Jan. 14th2:30 PM7Grand PrixStrings
Victoria VoUS2011Saturday, Jan. 14th2:10 PM1Grand PrixPiano
WAN ZHOUCN2013Friday, Jan. 13th4:00 PM1Grand PrixPiano
WanQi WangCN2007Friday, Jan. 13th6:10 PM1Grand PrixPiano
Wei-Ning KoUS2008Saturday, Jan. 14th6:00 PM3Grand PrixPiano
WeiChien YangTW2016Sunday, Jan. 15th3:15 PM2Junior Grand PrixPiano
Wendy WangUS2007Saturday, Jan. 14th10:30 AM10Grand PrixPiano
William Wang WangUS2005Saturday, Jan. 14th1:00 PM6Grand PrixStrings
Wuna Leona LiSG2016Sunday, Jan. 15th3:15 PM1Junior Grand PrixPiano
Xinye HeUSCollegiateSaturday, Jan. 14th9:30 AM15Grand PrixPiano
Yan-Rong LinTW2014Sunday, Jan. 15th2:00 PM7Junior Grand PrixPiano
Yena OhUS2007Saturday, Jan. 14th10:30 AM9Grand PrixStrings
Yeuk On LiUS2007Sunday, Jan. 15th11:10 AM1Junior Grand PrixPiano
Yi-Ting TsaiUSProfessionalSaturday, Jan. 14th1:30 PM6Grand PrixPiano
Yifan SunCN2008Saturday, Jan. 14th6:00 PM1Grand PrixPiano
YiMing YangCNCollegiateFriday, Jan. 13th5:30 PM9Grand PrixBrass
Yoonjung ChoiKRCollegiateFriday, Jan. 13th5:30 PM7Grand PrixPiano
Yoonsoo KangKRCollegiateFriday, Jan. 13th5:00 PM5Grand PrixPiano
YU-FAN WUCN2014Sunday, Jan. 15th2:00 PM6Junior Grand PrixPiano
Yuma KainumaUS2006Sunday, Jan. 15th3:40 PM3Junior Grand PrixPiano
Yun-seo ImKR2012Sunday, Jan. 15th1:00 PM8Junior Grand PrixPiano
Yuna KimUS2013Sunday, Jan. 15th11:40 AM1Junior Grand PrixPiano
Yuna NohUS2008Saturday, Jan. 14th6:00 PM5Grand PrixPiano
Zhengyuan HanCN2015Sunday, Jan. 15th3:00 PM4Junior Grand PrixPiano