Exam Center Chairperson Rules & Requirements

Teachers who would like to host an audition center must complete the following application at least 90 days in advance of auditions and must complete all of the required information.

A chairperson will be given priority in choosing their examination dates and time. The IMPEC Board will provide reimbursement covering the rental of the facility, 1 piano tuning, and a monitor for the day.

The chairperson must observe the following rules:

  • A minimum of 30 students must be enrolled per season in order to be eligible to become a chairperson.
  • The audition MUST be open to students from all IAPMT teachers.
  • The audition center must have an acoustic grand piano for the evaluation.
  • The audition center must have stable Wi-Fi internet access for the judge.
  • A recital hall or performance space located in a music school can be used as an audition center. When such a space is not available, a private studio with a separate waiting room can also be used.
  • Only one facility per day may be used for auditions. When auditions are complete for the day, the adjudicators must arrange for their own transportation.
  • An exception to the above is made when the audition period exceeds 7 days. In this case, the chairperson can use 2 different locations subject to Board approval. Transportation of the judge is MANDATORY if more than 1 location are used.
  • It is our policy to invite a variety of adjudicators to serve every year. Neither teachers nor chairpersons have the right to request or refuse an IAPMT adjudicator.
  • Adjudicators are compensated by the Board; therefore, the chairperson is not responsible for the adjudicator’s lodging expenses or meals other than lunch and snacks.

Expense Reimbursement

IAPMT will imburse the cost of exam facilities and monitorial services, applicable for center of 1 full day or more with 8 hours of judging. More details can be found in the members area of our website.

Center Establishment Grant

Each center with minimum of 50 students (All Disciplines) or more will receive an establishment grant from the IAPMT. For recently founded centers (less than a year old), the minimum is 40 students. More details can be found in the members area of our website.