Concours Online Grand Prix Winners

YueQing Yin – recipient of the Violin grand prize by LA Violin Shop
Shin Ji Hwan – recipient of the Piano grand prize by Kim’s Piano


1st Place – Yi-Ting Tsai
2nd Place – Mingfu Han
3rd Place – Stephanie Perez
4th Place – Jihae Song
Honorable Mention – Lee Haein


1st Place – Manuel Vizurraga
2nd Place – Sungmin Goh
Honorable Mention – Ryuto Hibino
Honorable Mention – Hengzhi Liu


1st Place – Shin Ji Hwan
2nd Place – YiMing Yang
3rd Place – Julia Sapeta
4th Place – Riku Itamasu
Honorable Mention – Ayane Kitagawa
Honorable Mention – Yoonsoo Kang


1st Place – Bo-sub Kim
2nd Place – Ji Hye Park


1st Place – Sio Ioi Cheng
2nd Place – Kento Ishikawa
3rd Place – Chen-Hsin Lee


1st Place – Daae Kim
2nd Place – Fu-Lin Damon Ko
3rd Place – Moxi Zhu


1st Place – YueQing Yin
2nd Place – George Na
3rd Place – Cayla Kim
4th Place – Allison Phan
Honorable Mention – Victoria Vo
Honorable Mention – Leyna Ishikawa
Honorable Mention – Anna Shung


1st Place – Shalynn Choi
2nd Place – Natalie Xu
3rd Place – Gawon Lee


1st Place – Chloe Lee
2nd Place – Tian Yu Tammy Ye
3rd Place – Benjamin Hoang and Victoria Vo
Honorable Mention – Casey Li
Honorable Mention – Maxwell Tran


1st Place – Wei-Ning Ko
2nd Place – Yuna Noh
3rd Place – Lin Min
4th Place – Bella Dang


1st Place – Ian Park
2nd Place – Wendy Wang
3rd Place – Jiyu Lee
4th Place – Trang Linh Le
Honorable Mention – Madison Becerra
Honorable Mention – Justina Cha


1st Place – Jadon Wu
2nd Place – Aaron Zhu
3rd Place – Franklin Zhu
4th Place – Kristine Lu
Honorable Mention – Byungseok Choo


1st Place – Travis Luu, Rachael Vu, Jennifer Vu and Bella Dang
2nd Place – William Wang
3rd Place – Jaden Tan


2nd Place – Juri Handa
3rd Place – Kailey Suh